Hooray we made it!

It has been a big year for the Steering Committee and for the respective clubs involved in the creation of the Devonport Country Club.

Our achievements:


  • Stage One of the development, the car park, has been completed.

  • Temporary Clubrooms created for the Devonport Golf Club.

  • Contract let to Vos Constructions.

  • Additional funding negotiated.

  • Stage two of the development commenced: old club rooms demolished and the

footings in place for the new club rooms, the function centre and the Indoor Bowls Centre. The pre-fabricated concrete retaining walls for the bowling greens are in place.

  • Planning has been completed for the facility watering system and work will commence on 7th January 2019.


  • On the 1st January 2019 will become known as the Devonport Country Club.

  • Each Club is in the process of nominating membership for the transition board.

  • Documentation has been forwarded to Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC).

  • A new Constitution has been accepted by all clubs and at the 1/1/19, this Constitution will come into play for the Country Club. Other

  • A new flag will soon be flying for the Devonport Country Club.

  • Our website can now be found at and over time it will contain everything that you need to know.

  • On the first of January 2019, you all become foundation members of the Devonport Country Club. More information to follow after the first board meeting in 2019.

  • Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and thank you for your ongoing support

Sheree Vertigan

Chair/ Steering Committee.

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