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Devonport Lady Golfers toast Gwen Glen’s recently installed Memorial Seat.

Devonport Country Club’s Life Member’s Memory Lives On

A memorial seat has been installed on the 14th tee at the Devonport Country Club. It was donated by the family of past life member Gwen Glen.

Gwen had been a playing member of the club for over 50 years and was made a life member of the club from 1993 to 2017 in honour of her services and support. During that time she took an active interest in the game and had been both ladies President and Captain. Her involvement in golf also extended to golf administration both in the North West and Statewide. In latter years she was also very much valued as the Ladies Patron. Gwen played golf regularly and in her earlier years was a keen pennant player.

The placement of the seat on the 14th tee is most appropriate as Gwen often followed players in Championship and Club Handicap finals as well as pennant matches from the point. She loved the game and, in particular, playing with her family.

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