The Steering Committee is pleased to report that the construction of the new facility is on time and on budget. It is anticipated that by early April the total project will be approximately 70% complete and the construction will be 50% complete. To date we have completed two milestone reports for the State Government and two milestone reports for the Federal Government which have been accepted and all payments are up to date. We are currently working on the third milestone report for submission, late March/early April.

  • The three bowling greens have been seeded and the growing period started. It is expected that the second cut of the greens will take place towards the end of April if we have good weather conditions.

  • Installation of the indoor bowling centre roof is in progress and should be completed soon.

  • Structural steel for the lower club house is complete and the upper level slab has been poured and the upper level structural steel work will commence shortly.

  • It is hoped that both sections of the facility will be enclosed shortly and ensure weather protection before winter.

  • Irrigation work on the golf course is now progressing well with the 8th hole to be complete by the week ending 22nd March.

  • The new irrigation pump has been installed and commissioning of the completed holes has started.

  • Irrigation system to the bowling greens has been completed.

  • Work on the redesign of No10 has been seen as a priority and is due to start by the end of March.

  • The Steering Committee has sought additional information re costing of the croquet lawns as the dimensions on advice from the croquet players were changed.

  • Construction of these lawns will commence once the process of due diligence has been completed and the Steering Committee is satisfied with the costings.

  • A ‘colour board’ for the Country Club interiors will shortly be on display inside the Caddy Shack.

  • A sub group of the Steering Committee is currently working on Marketing, promotion and functions.

Transitional Board

  • The Transition Board has now met twice this year with the next meeting on Monday 25th March.

  • Sport sub committees (Golf, Bowls, Croquet and Indoor Bias Bowls) should all be in place within the next two weeks and they will be responsible for ensuring the respective sports make a smooth transition to the Country Club format. All members are asked to embrace the new format and work with the Board. It is anticipated that at least one Director will be the liaison between the transition board and the sub committees.

  • The Board is in the process of establishing a number of working groups for specific projects. Members will be invited to join these groups.

  • Members are reminded that the new membership year for all sections will be from the 1st July to the 30th June each year.

  • The fees will not increase on the 1st July. Membership fees for all foundation members have been frozen and will remain so until further notice.

  • Over the past few years we have been moving from traditional media and reporting, to Social Media (Face book, Instagram and Website Social media will be used to communicate everything that is happening at the Club e.g. ongoing events and updates on club events, sport reports, and project milestones.


  • As you would have noticed the Country Club is a very busy place - there is a lot happening both with the Project and in the respective sport sections.

  • The Transition Board, the Steering Committee and the management of the Country Club will endeavour to keep you informed of progress however it is not possible to provide daily updates. Our focus is on getting the work done and minimising disruptions for you the member.

  • All work undertaken on the Golf Course now and into the future will be done in accordance with the Golf Master Plan and will be prioritised according to need, available resources and finances.

Thank you for your support and patience as we ‘Build the Club for the Future.’

Peter Vertigan


Transitional Board

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