From the Rough

Glenn Foster began his long association with golf as a casual player at the newly formed Port Sorell Club in 1980 but played more seriously after he finished playing football and running at the local athletic carnivals. He soon took over as Treasurer at Port Sorell and filled a variety of roles in the following years.

Glenn’s working background was in banking and insurance but finding he enjoyed golf administration, gained the part-time role as Manager at the Devonport Golf Club followed by five years at Ulverstone as full time Manager. In 2008 after another stint in insurance, Glenn began in his current part time position at Youth, Family and Community Connections which he combines with his role as Administrative Officer at Golf North West.

Glen Foster and his family

After the men’s and women’s golf committees merged in Northern Tasmania, Glenn could see that the North West wasn’t ready for such a move and in 2013 he took over as Secretary of Women’s Golf Tasmania – North West to provide a link between the two local bodies. With the lead provided by former GNW Chairman, Ian Clarke, the NW championships are now conducted together despite their different formats and pennant rosters are organised to allow them to work together. The organisations are quite different with GNW having an Executive and Club Delegates while WGT-NW has an elected Committee. The two roles are similar with meeting minutes, correspondence, financial reports, pennant results etc. Glenn is sure that there is much more work than most golfers would anticipate with many Sundays during the pennant season being 10-hour days.

Just after Glenn took on the GNW role, The Advocate was keen to print golf articles throughout the pennant season and ‘From the Rough’ (where Glenn says he spends most of his golfing time) was born. At the end of the pennant season the Advocate accepted his offer to continue the column to promote golf in the area. He wrote that for almost eight years, but time constraints lead to him giving that away and he is grateful to Troy Revell and now Tom Cowlard and Bev Holman for continuing. The column needs regular support from Clubs to continue to provide news of interest to the golfing community.

Glenn says “juniors are the future of clubs and it is great to see the work of Darren Spencer, Craig Mowat, Aiden Withers and Peter Webster in promoting golf to juniors. Junior membership is currently on the upward trend and, with an ageing golf membership, is vital in refreshing clubs and ultimately both male and female pennant teams. Many golfers are time poor and find it hard to commit to Sunday pennant. Discussions around formats, Saturday pennant etc continue and while managing to maintain similar numbers of teams from year to year. Perhaps the future is mixed gender teams to keep numbers up and maintain interest. Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 is for gender equality in clubs around membership and playing rights, mixed teams with the right balance of men playing men and women playing women may just work.”

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