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It has now been six months since the Transitional Board took office and they have been working very hard behind the scenes ensuring that everything is in place for when relocation to the new facilities take place.

The Board consisting of Peter Vertigan ex golf director and chairman of the Board, Jill Almond ex bowls director from Devonport Bowls and Croquet Club, Phil Atkins ex bowls director from Spreyton Bowls Club, Peter Cross ex golf director, David de Cani ex golf director, Dean Martin ex bowls director from Devonport Bowls and Croquet Club, Kevin Matthews ex golf director, Andrew Moir ex golf director, Glenn (Boxer) Stephens ex bowls director from Spreyton Bowls Club and Tom Cowlard General Manager have set up a number of “working groups” to review all operational aspects of the business. The working groups are made up of certain directors as well as members with expertise in the respective operations.

Three sporting sub committees have been set up to run each of the main sports and members are asked to familiarise themselves with the contact people on these committees so that they can channel their concerns and suggestions through these forums. The contacts for these committees are Bowls – Michael Higginson, Croquet – John Lee-Archer and Golf Simon Payton. These committees plan to meet monthly and will deal with matters relating directly with their respective sports. A Director will also sit on each of these committees as a liaison between the Board and the respective sport.

Two other Board sub committees have been set up, namely the Finance Committee under the Chairmanship of Kevin Matthews, along with Phil Atkins, Peter Vertigan and General Manager Tom Cowlard and a Sponsorship Committee under the Chairmanship of Peter Colgrave, along with Bev Holman, Jane Donohue, John O’Donnell and Michael Higginson.

The Board recently appointed a Grounds Superintendent, Craig Walker, to head up the grounds staff team who will maintain the golf course, bowling greens, croquet lawns and general gardens. An apprentice Caleb Lawler has also been employed as part of the grounds team.

The Country Club Steering Committee under the Chairmanship of Sheree Vertigan continues to operate and deals primarily with the project. Fortnightly meetings with Vos Construction and 6ty degrees are held, to ensure that everything remain on track and within budget. We are now in the final six months of the Project and the Steering Committee has turned its attention to marketing and promotion. Hopefully all members saw the recent article in The Advocate, and the regular promotion via Facebook and Instagram. It is anticipated that by late August, early September, we will be ready to commence our Membership Drive. We will need your support in this process. We also urge you to think about upcoming family and friend events that could be held in the new facility in 2020: we are now taking bookings.

The Board meets on the last Monday of every month and if a member wants any clarification on any business issues please contact the General Manager who will either refer it to the board or hopefully resolve it for the member.

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