Putting the ‘Super’ in Superintendent

Craig Walker, the Country Club’s recently appointed Grounds Superintendant, has only been in the job for a month but his enthusiasm and skill has already earned members’praise.

Craig has always been a high achiever in sporting circles, admitting that he has always been good at anything requiring hand-eye coordination. An Ulverstone lad, he played pennant tennis and football and billiards (from age 5) until a PE lesson in grade 10 introduced him to golf.

On leaving school he undertook a tiling apprenticeship with his father and began a part-time university course in accountancy. He always thought he’d eventually become an accountant but when the opportunity came along to take on a greenkeeping apprenticeship at the Ulverstone Golf Club he jumped at it and his new career was born.

In 2001 Craig moved to Hobart to take on the Greenkeeper’s job at Pittwater, helping to turn a rough and tired country golf course into the quality course it continues to be today.

His talents where quickly recognised by his peers and very soon Chris Hay from Kingston Beach enticed Craig to come over to help manage CoreTaz, a contracting business specialising in turf management. The company managed turf for many golf and bowls clubs in southern Tasmania including Kingston Beach Golf Club and Sandy Bay Bowls and Croquet Club.

Craig was looking for a professional challenge and was overjoyed to be the successful applicant for the Country Club role. He described his new job as “the biggest turf job in Tasmania due the variety of surfaces and the different demands of bowls, croquet and golf”.

“What impressed me about the Country Club was that it has clear strategic direction and a management willing to take on new ideas.”

His wife Stacey, a business strategist, said that she and their four daughters were certain Craig would do a great job. “He just loves his work and wants to make the Country Club a truly superb facility.

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