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The current Chair of men’s Golf North West, David Raw draws on a rich and varied golfing background. Raw first joined Seabrook Golf Club in 1968. He got the bug early and exploited living on the boundary of the course. As a junior, David represented Tasmania on three occasions (twice as captain) in a competitive u21 interstate junior series. This representation provided many memorable experiences including playing alongside eventual major winners Wayne Grady and Greg Norman as well as many of Australia’s top professionals and local amateurs.

Like many juniors, Raw’s competitive golf days came to an end with study and work. He has been a member of three clubs and played in a few winning pennant teams.

Since retiring he has been closely involved with shifting the fortunes of Seabrook Golf Club, helping it move to a viable footing. Three years ago, he was nominated to chair Golf North West.

Raw believes golf has a growing future as it’s a low impact sport, accessible to all people and one that has the social elements necessary to maintain good health. One does not need to be in a team or have someone to hit the ball back to when playing golf.

Golf North West President David Raw and Seabrook Golf Club President Rob Bentley discussing Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 policy statement

Like many sports club, golf in the North West is in transition. Old models of membership and playing no longer match the lifestyle and work patterns of communities across the North West. David, as President of one of the two peak bodies that represents clubs across the region, is only too aware. He said clubs understand this pattern and the challenges and opportunities provided. Clubs are having to be creative. The stalwarts that golf administration have relied upon are all getting older and are thinking of their legacy.

Raw’s observations reflect his wide experience in the golfing world. He is keen for clubs to create their future by not duplicating the past. He sees a much needed merger of the Ladies and Men’s administration, perhaps some course amalgamations and certainly a revamp of cross club competitions. Driving this change is a need for clubs to act collectively to encourage new players. The concept of one club or a group of players being “better” than another is very much old thinking.

Golf Australia provides direction for these changes. It is investing in people, old or young, male or female, providing much needed and modern policy support that reflects future needs of people beginning to play golf.

Coming Events:

Devonport Cricket Club 4 person Ambrose will be held at the Devonport Country Club on the 11th August. There will be lots of prizes on offer and a special hole-in-one offer on the 5th hole - A NEW TOYOTA COROLLA THANKS TO GOWANS TOYOTA.

Entry Fee is $120 per team and entries close on the 9th August. To enter contact Brad Moore on 0447374955 or email

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