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As advised in last month’s Newsletter, the Board has been reviewing all aspects of the business. One of these areas is the Pro Shop, especially as we head into a partnership with bowlers and croquet players. So, for the past six months a working group has been reviewing the pro shop operations in consultation with Darren Spencer. Several experts have been consulted to find the best practice and how the best possible service can be provided to our members across all sports.

At the last meeting of the Board, a motion was passed that the club would take ownership of the Pro Shop from the end of the year. Darren’s services will be retained, and he will be employed as Head Professional. He will focus on the promotion of golf operations and development. While he will still do a certain amount of work in the shop, retail staff will be employed to run this side of the business.

The name of the Pro Shop will be changed (still to be decided) when the club takes ownership and will not be known as a pro shop but rather a sports shop catering for golf, bowls and croquet. The shop staff will have input into the day to day operations of the indoor bowling centre. The sports shop staff will administer all aspects of golf competition management and procedures will be introduced to monitor all rounds played on the course by both members and visitors.

More information on these changes will be made available as we get closer to taking occupation of the new facility.

A working group is working on the function, kitchen and bar operations. While this area is far from being finalised, the Board has accepted a recommendation from the working group that the club will run this side of the business and not subcontract to a third party. The working group is currently working with a consultant on how best to structure this department and more information will be made available once the Board has reviewed the consultant’s recommendation.

The current computer network is aging and is not expected to cope with the anticipated increased infrastructure. The finance committee has been reviewing this side of the business and have met with potential suppliers in view of upgrading the system and network. This is a costly exercise, but it will be necessary to ensure that a professional image is projected when we open. More information on this will be made available once decisions have been made.

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