Introducing Lyn Baulch

Lyn has played several sports in her life including tennis and volleyball as well as bowls. She and her late husband Terry assisted in starting the Spreyton Club in 1985 but first began playing at Raiton to gain some experience. She says “playing then was a little different with ladies having to wear skirts or dresses, stocking and hats.”

Lyn has a long history in administration having held positions of secretary and president at club level and secretary and treasurer on the Spreyton Cricket and Bowls Club Board. She was the Ladies NW President for two 3 years stints and has also been a state selector.

Catering at the Spreyton club was an easy step for Lyn as she and Terry had been in the food business for many years. They ran the Spreyton Milk Bar opposite the Primary School for 5 years from 1971 which was a 7 day a week commitment. At one time they were required to trolley orders across the road when it was deemed unsafe for the children to cross the busy street to buy their food.. They then opened the Shearwater Bakery in 1989 with both Lyn’s parents and their son Murray working with them at various times.

At the Bowls club Lyn and Terry orgainised counter meals on Friday nights for many years and also organised the catering for weddings, lunches, dinners and parties to raise funds for the club.

Lyn is really looking forward to gettiing into our new Country Clyb venue and usiing the new facilities.

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