Introducing Faye & Nevi

This month we feature two of our long term croquet members, Faye Smith (top) and Navi Naiker (bottom).

Some 20 years ago, when she was in her sprightly 70’s, Faye was looking for an outdoor interest, and was initially invited to play bowls. However, she liked the look of the game that was being played on a neighbouring lawn, and so swapped her mat for a mallet – and began a very active and enjoyable relationship with croquet. Association croquet (AC) is her game, and over the years Faye has been a regular player in competitions and pennant. She is still a great source of wisdom and advice in relation to AC skill and strategy, with the skill of ‘peeling’ being a particular favourite.

Navi was a keen tennis player before an injury forced her to give it up – and so 20 years ago she too looked over to the croquet lawn and saw the opportunity to be part of a special group of sportspeople. Navi played competitions and pennant in AC for many years. More recently she has developed a preference for Ricochet, as well as the occasional game of Golf croquet (GC). In recent years Navi has replaced her wooden mallet with a much lighter aluminium one – but still manages to hit some impressive roquets!

Both Faye and Navi remember fondly the social interactions and activities which have been part of the culture and history of the Croquet club, and they are looking forward to the new venue at the country club with its faster lawns which, as Faye notes, “will mean we can at least hit the ball the full length of the lawn”. And as an added bonus, Navi will be joining up with her golfing son Suren and daughter in law Bev.

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