Introducing our Transitional Board Chair

Peter Vertigan has played many sports over the years including football, squash, cricket, volleyball and basketball, as well as golf. He began playing golf when he tagged along with his father Harley Vertigan and his fellow golfers Jack Rogers, Geoff Painton and Trevor Smith as a youngster and then joined the Devonport Golf Club in 1968.

He played junior pennant and won the Club Junior Championship in 1972 & 73. He achieved a lowest handicap of two but plays off a slightly higher one today. He also participated in various pennant teams over the years in every division from Division 1 to Division 3.

Peter remembers playing what is probably something of a record at the club when he and friend Barry Argent played 100 consecutive holes of golf – 5 times around the 18 hole course plus 10 holes in about 13 hours!

Peter joined the Devonport Golf Club Board in 2008 and his background as an accountant since 1973 saw him take responsibility for the club’s finances. He was Vice President for 4 years and then assumed the President’ role in October 2014. He was elected Chair of the newly formed Devonport Country Club Interim Board in January 2019 and chairs the Finance Committee.

Peter is also currently chair of the Melaleuca Home for the Aged. He is a long suffering supporter of the Melbourne Football Club and is a fan of Alfa Romeo cars.

Peter sees a very exciting future for the Devonport Country Club, hosting Regional, State, National and even International events in coming years. He is also focused on the new and innovative sporting and social events that are possible with our amazing new facility, and the opportunity to build stronger connections with the local community and beyond – his goal is to put Devonport Country Club on the sporting, corporate and social radar.

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