A New Beginning

Just over a week ago many members from our three sporting groups attended the ‘soft opening’ of our new Devonport Country Club facilities. Chair of the Board Peter Vertigan welcomed all present and Brett Whitely, who had a large part in assisting us to procure grants from both State and Federal Governments, told those present we have a wonderful community of sportspeople who have come together to form this new entity. Sheree Vertigan cut the red ribbon and all present streamed inside to explore the new facilities and enjoy a drink and finger food. The general consensus from all in attendance was that our clubhouse and sporting facilities are beyond expectation and we are so fortunate to share in this venture.

Although we are now in the new clubhouse we do need to remember that there is still some work to be done e.g. getting all the IT systems up and running, putting in a PA system, finding our way with menus, adding lockers, finishing off the outdoors, etc. We all need to have patience while these finishing touches are being attended to and staff are getting their systems in place. General Manager Tom and his staff are to be congratulated on how they have organised our clubhouse and shop to date while attending to all their usual duties.

Among the first through the door

The Sport's Bar

The Board, Staff and your editors wish all Members and our valued sponsors a very Happy Festive Season and we all look forward to a successful 2020 in our new facility.

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