Covid - 19 Update

Important things to remember

Club rooms:

  • Sanitise your hands when entering the club and when leaving.

  • Sanitise after using the ablutions

  • All patrons MUST BE SEATED when eating or drinking. (legal requirement)

  • No standing at the Bar and drinking. (legal requirement)

  • Social distancing of 1.5m

  • Register your attendance when entering either the “Jackbar” or Fairway Room.

  • Tables and chairs have been set in accordance with regulations, so please do not move them around to make different sized groups. If you do need a change, ask the staff to assist.

  • Bookings are essential for all meals.

Indoor Bowls:(Conditions recommended by Bowls Tasmania)

  • All games are to be pre booked online (Contact the office for log in details 64272381)

  • One Player in each group is to be nominated to place the mats and jacks during the game

  • One Player in each group is responsible for thoroughly disinfecting the mats and jacks before and after each game using the disinfectant spray provided at either end of the rink

  • Players are not to touch their opponents bowl

  • Players should always practice safe hygiene, including washing hands for at least 20 seconds before and after bowls.

  • Players must not shake hands after the game.

Golf: (Conditions recommend by Golf Tasmania)

  • All players must book a tee time online. (Social and Competition). Role up and play is not recommended.

  • All players must report into the Sports Shop before teeing off. (Social and Competition)

  • Players must not shake hands after the game.

  • Players must not touch other players equipment

  • Strict social distancing measures must always be observed (1.5m).

Croquet: (Conditions recommended by Croquet Tasmania)

  • Upon entering the shed players must sanitise their hands before touching any equipment. 

  • Players must wear a disposable glove when touching the ball container and the balls.  Gloves are available in the shed

  • Social distancing – the standard 1.5 m rule applies on the lawn.  Players should be particularly aware of distancing around hoops.

  • Once the balls are on the court, for golf croquet and ricochet there is no reason for players to touch them with their hands.  Players should touch the balls only when necessary, viz to place balls on and off the court.

Everyone’s cooperation in the above matter is appreciated. Also remember that if you are not feeling well, please stay away until you feel better.

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