Introducing Transitional Board Members - Dean Martin

I was born in Sheffield in 1959 at the Sheffield District Hospital, (now Tandara Lodge). I grew up in Sheffield and attended the Sheffield area school and then Latrobe High School. After finishing high school I started a Fitting and Machining apprenticeship at APPM Wesley Vale and worked there until it closed in 2010. I am currently employed as a machinist at Delta Hydraulics.

I married Dianne in 1981 and we have 2 children, Damien and Nicola, 2 grandchildren Flynn (3) and Josie (5 months).

While growing up in Sheffield I played football with Sheffield Football Club and became involved on the Committee. I held several positions on the committee including 13 years as President and was presented with Life Membership along with my wife Dianne in 1989. I was the club's representative to the North-Western Football Association for a number of years. In 1995 was awarded Life Membership of the NWFA, a great honour!

Introduced to lawn bowls by my father in law in the early eighties I played with Sheffield. Joining Devonport in 1994 I was fortunate to play several games at a higher level in their division one team, including the Grand Final, in which we were runners up. After a few years away from bowls, I rejoined Sheffield. I returned to the Devonport Bowls Club in 2003, representing the Club in its Division 1/Premier team. I held the position of President for three years until the formation of the Devonport Country Club.

Moving forward I hope to contribute to the positive growth of the new Devonport Country Club. We have a great opportunity, with our new high standard facilities, to become a strong, unified sporting and community club.

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